Evolution Gaming has done it again with their captivating new game, Monopoly. This is a thrilling version of Dream Catcher, taking inspiration from the famous board game. The main objective is to predict where the spinning wheel's pointer will land. There's also an exciting bonus feature that transports you into a 3D Monopoly board game where Mr. Monopoly collects prizes, with movement determined by rolling dice. To join the bonus game, you need to place bets on specific rolls.

The primary game features a wheel with various segments, each representing different numbers and special rolls. The host spins the wheel, and the segment where the pointer stops determines the winning number. There's also a chance segment that awards random prizes, adding an extra layer of excitement to the game.

Monopoly offers high stakes and the potential for significant rewards, making it exhilarating for players. The game is packed with fantastic features and payouts that keep the excitement alive. As a live game variant of Dream Catcher, it also incorporates elements of the beloved board game, ensuring fans will enjoy every moment.

In conclusion, Monopoly is accessible on both mobile and desktop devices, includes a chat feature, and allows for multi-game play. It also offers a game history preview, making it convenient and engaging for players looking for both fun and substantial rewards. Get ready to place your bets and join Mr. Monopoly on his prize-collecting adventure!