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Age of Asgard
The eternal feud of good vs evil takes place in Age of Asgard, with dual 5x3 machines acting as the battlefield.Players see a fiery female-dominated cast cross swords as the reels collide. All high-pay symbols and Wilds are 1x3 long. Wilds can nudge to occupy a full reel in battle triggering a Respin and remaining sticky for all future Respins. When rival wilds meet on opposing sides of the same reel, they CLASH! This feature spawns 2 to 4 smaller Wilds.Landing 3 Free Spins symbols takes players to Free Spins, where two machines become one of 5x6 and wilds get even bigger! The machine with the Free Spins symbols invades the game screen for the duration of the round, leaving no room for the opposing characters. These rounds bring 10 Free Spins to start, while long 1x6 Wilds can nudge and clash every time spawning up to 4 random wilds and bringing an eruption of Respins!6 Free Spins symbols in the Base Game take players down into Ragnarok Free Spins where the ultimate battle ensues! If only 5 Free Spins symbols land, then the Randomiser is activated which will either take the player to Ragnarok or grant them a consolation prize of 1000 coins.Only high pay symbols can withstand the heat of Ragnarok in this round. The inferno brings a rush of 20 Free Spins and Wilds with guaranteed nudge power bringing Clashes and Respins. When 3x5 or 5x6 machines are taken over by sticky Wilds, players earn a Ragnarok Big Win. Boasting rewards with a force strong enough to smash computer screens!An eternal fray with enormous rewards awaits. Do your players have what it takes to enter the fiery battle of Ragnarok?