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101 Candies
101 Candies is a captivating slot game developed by NetEnt, featuring a 7x7 grid adorned with vivid and appealing candy-themed graphics. The game includes a conveyor row that introduces wild win multipliers, enhancing the excitement with an avalanche sequence that replaces winning symbols with new ones. The base game has nine winning symbols, each triggering payouts when forming clusters of at least five horizontally or vertically adjacent matches. After each spin, the game resets the wild win multipliers, while random coin symbols in avalanches activate special features.

Set in a whimsical world framed by balloons and lollipops, 101 Candies is distinguished by its vibrant and playful design. Symbols are depicted as various candies, with special multipliers appearing as bowls of sweets. Although the soundtrack is subtle and doesn't significantly enhance the atmosphere, the visual elements successfully evoke a fun and light-hearted mood, making it especially appealing to younger players—note that legal age restrictions apply.

The slot also features scatter symbols that can trigger bonus games with varying spins when multiple scatters appear. The wild multipliers on the conveyor add a strategic element, diversifying the gameplay. Players can easily adjust their wagers and explore a dynamic paytable to understand the triggering mechanisms for features and symbol values. Cluster wins, wild multipliers, and other bonuses contribute to the potential for satisfying payouts.

Despite its charm, the game has a low to medium variance, meaning wins may be smaller but more frequent. Players should be mindful of the RTP range and play responsibly, making use of available self-exclusion and timeout features. Overall, 101 Candies provides an intriguing mix of delightful visuals and innovative features, though the grid may seem cluttered, and the RTP range might deter some enthusiasts.