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Pirates is a thrilling specialty game that uses 90 balls, where all the numbers are spread across multiple tickets. Initially, 32 balls are drawn with an option for additional balls. Players must set their bets and can modify ticket numbers and activate or deactivate tickets as they play. Clicking the play button starts the game, and achieving specific patterns grants various prizes. There's an exciting jackpot for those who complete a bongo pattern within the first draw. Extra balls come at a cost but can be skipped, and a free spin feature adds to the excitement.

The game boasts impressive graphics with a pirate ship flag and a dark, eerie ambiance complemented by an engaging soundtrack. Pirates don't require any software downloads, allowing seamless play directly from a web browser. It's a medium to high variance game, ensuring regular payouts with the potential for substantial wins. The game's design and atmosphere immerse players in a pirate-themed adventure, making it an enticing alternative to traditional casino slots.

Embark on a treasure hunt with Pirates, a bingo game by Patagonia loaded with lucrative rewards and bonuses. The game's high stakes and impressive features keep players on edge, eagerly awaiting significant wins. Clicking the play button sets you on a journey to uncover hidden treasures, offering an exhilarating gaming experience.

Ultimately, Pirates offer multiple tickets to enhance winning opportunities. Completing various patterns, especially a full house, can yield enormous rewards, including a potential 10,000X jackpot. The game's blend of engaging gameplay, exciting features, and substantial payouts ensures it stands out in the world of specialty games.